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PREVIOUS HEXAGRAM 31: Mutual Attraction . NEXT HEXAGRAM 33: Retreat . 32: Endurance. Endurance is cultivated when determination is coupled with flexibility. Long-distance runners must adapt to changing conditions while maintaining a strong sense of purpose. Two trees growing near each other bend and adapt to enhance each other’s survival.

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1. 2. Coast to Coast Fraser Run – 2019 0. 0. Contact Us. Ready to start your own Fraser story? Call us directly on 09 482 0071, send us a message via our contact page.

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1. Qian 2 乾 2. Kun 1 坤 3. Zhun 屯 4. Meng 蒙 5. Xu 需 6. Song 訟 7. Shi 師 8. Bi 3 比 9. Xiao Chu 小畜 10. Lu 履: 11. Tai 泰 12. Pi 否 13. Tong Ren 同人 14. Da You 大有 15. Qian 1 謙 16. Yu 豫 17. Sui 隨 18. Gu 蠱 19. Lin 臨 20. Guan 觀: 21. Shi He 噬嗑 2 2. Bi 4 賁 23. Bo 剝 24.

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Yijing Dao - Calling Crane in the Shade: A website dedicated to reviews of books on the Yijing or I Ching, the ancient Chinese oracle known as the Book of Changes, but also containing a complete 'Introduction to Yijing' for beginners, an accurate transcription of the 1935 Harvard-Yenching Zhouyi, animations of hexagram sequences, articles, and scans of Chinese diagrams.

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[This hexagram describes your situation as being without confusion or fault. It emphasizes that acting while remaining free from entangling, vanity or recklessness is the adequate way to handle it. To be in accord with the time, you are told: act without becoming embroiled!] Shaughnessy: Pestilence: Prime receipt; beneficial to determine. If it ...

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I Ching Hexagram 2 K'un (The Receptive) Action: Reflect. Hu Gua (hidden influence) 2 Receptive: Yield. Zong Gua (underlying cause) 1 Creative: Initiate. Reaction is how you defend the past against the future. Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop. – Ovid. Reading at a Glance: K’un calls for a period of patience and ...

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Line Three of This Hexagram is a 9: Hard work and an attention to details will guarantee you reach Line Five of This Hexagram is a 9: Your plan is or will be successful. Revisit allies and look for new...

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Hexagram 9.1. Thread starter Danai36; Start date Nov 25, 2016; Nov 25, 2016 #1 D. Danai36 visitor. Joined Nov 25, 2016 Messages 5 Reaction score 0. Hello, my first ...

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Aug 17, 2005 · Hexagram 62 Hsiao Kuo / Preponderance of the Small, may be not easy to understand for some and therefore has given rise to various interpretations as to its meaning. Without a clear understanding of what the hexagram meant, confusion arises if we then elaborate on what the Image meant, or work backwards from the Image to ascribe a meaning to ...

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Apr 02, 2014 · COMMON INTERPRETATION OF THE HEXAGRAM №29. In the manifested reality something that you still truly cherish will be destroyed. This is LOSS OF LOVE. It is a blow to the main vital values. It is a destruction of the love object. The love object can have a physical body or can be mental.

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Player Overview. [MVP++] Hexagrams [F].

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I Ching (易經) is an ancient form of Chinese cosmology and philosophy. In the world of Dark Shadows, it is the oldest known form of divination and mysticism – written in China long before the time of Confucius. According to Professor Timothy Eliot Stokes, the practice of I Ching is also one of the most dangerous forms of existential exploration. Practitioners of I Ching can reach a higher ...

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