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A quantitative RT-PCR apoptosis-focused gene array determined changes in apoptosis-related genes. The results showed that ouabain -induced damage in vitro was dose and time dependent. 500 μM ouabain and 1000 μM ouabain were destructively traumatic to both spiral ganglion neurons and cochlear hair cells in an apoptotic signal ...

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Originally built for the fearsome Obsidian Order in 2371, the Keldon-class Cruiser has become a long-serving mainstay of the Cardassian fleet. Considered superior to the Galor-class, it is armed with a potent variant of its classic weapon system – the Spiral Wave Disruptor Lance.This starship fea...

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...Multiple-Beam Array Feed Network Based on Millimeter-Wave Photonics Beamformers. 3. Theoretical background of multiple-beam array antenna beam steering. As noted in chapter 2 multiple-beam array feed network based on millimeter-wave integrated photonics beamformers for...

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Spiral Wave Disruptors: 2.5% Chance: Disable 1 Subsystem for 5 sec. Elite Fleet Disruptor: 2.5% Chance: To Increase Damage to Target's Shields by Thirdly, Weapon Tactics. If you're using single beams/beam arrays your ship will do the most damage on the sides where all your beams can hit...

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Disruptor. The Disruptor build is quite similar to the Phaser one. Terran Taskforce DHC plus four Spiral Wave DCs, Martok Omnibeam, CC heavy and sensor-linked turrets. Same engine, deflector, warp core and shield.

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sto. Build: 3 Spiral DHC; 2 Spiral Turret; 2 Terran set (DHC and Torpedo); 2 Synergistic Retrofitting consoles (+33% dis dmg); and Counter Command tac console and turret (+dis, +photon and +7.5 Let's Play Star Trek Online - Romulan Faction 2018 - [48] - Coalition or Spiral Wave Disruptors?

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Spiral Wave Disruptors??? (self.sto). submitted 1 year ago by jeff92k7This far, No farther. So I have the Vanguard pack and got the Cardie ships. The Galor unlocked the Spiral wave beam arrays in the dilithium store, but I'm not seeing any other Spiral wave options (dual beams, cannons, etc).

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28.06.2020 · Spiral Wave Disruptor Dual Beam Bank is a Disruptor-based directed energy damage weapon available for starships. Dual Beam Banks fire a series of dual beams that are similar to a Beam Array, but they cause more damage and are limited to a 90° arc.

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- 1x Herald AP Beam Array (adds damage bonus) - 1x Chroniton AP Beam Array (gives Turn Rate, Flight Speed and Shield Hardness buffs to self) - 1x Pulse Phase Beam Array (+10 DR to Self / - 10 DR to targets) - Rest any mix of crafted Disruptor or crafted Antiprotons with [Pen] and any combination of [Dmg] and [CrtD]

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18pcs/45cm Wave Formers Magic Hair Curlers Spiral Ringlets Leverage Curlers Hair Curler Hairdressing Tool DIY Not hurt hair. Big promotion for spiral wave: 32 inch bundle remy.

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Star Trek Online treats the Hideki-class as a frigate-level enemy. It also arms the ship with a dual phaser bank in its forward mount rather than the beam array-style spiral-wave disruptors used by other Cardassian ships (the only type of spiral-wave disruptor weapon available to players, and also equipped on the Hideki as broadside weapons).

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